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Mechanical resistance

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First and foremost, a cable tray must act as an effective, resistant and durable support for cables.
The mechanical performance of all products and accessories is tested against the very demanding requirements imposed by the international standard IEC 61537.


The permissible load stated in the catalogues represents the load that CABLOFIL is guaranteed to be able to bear. It assumes loads are evenly spread and is given in daN/m. The standard permits a deflection equivalent to 1/100th of the span. CABLOFIL imposes a stricter limit of 1/200th for both safety and aesthetic reasons. For example, CABLOFIL voluntarily restricts deflection to 10 mm for a span of 2 m, whereas the standard would allow 20 mm.


Each CABLOFIL cable tray has been tested in the required configuration, with a coupling 1/5th of the way along the span. Deflection is measured at the centre of the span. The Safe Working Load (SWL) is the lowest of:

- The load which creates a deflection equal to 1/200th of the span
- The breaking load divided by 1.7 if a deflection of 1/200th is not reached



In the event of critical overload, a mesh structure becomes like a hammock.  
CABLOFIL is only designed to support cables. Under no circumstances should it be used as a walkway.  



Brackets are classified by their permissible load (in daN).
Hangers are classified by their permissible torque (in daN.m).
All CABLOFIL supports are tested and comply with the IEC 61537 standard.
"F" is the load (in daN) applied to the support.
"d" is the distance between the hanger axis and the load.
"T" is the torque (in daN.m) applied to the hanger.

Calculation rules:
Total F = F1 + F2 + F3 < permissible hanger load
Total T = F1.d1 + F3.d3 – F2.d2 < permissible hanger torque


Exclusive to CABLOFIL®: 25% savings with the P2000 (span of 2m at full capacity)
By opting for CABLOFIL's 2m span, up to 25% on material and labor can be saved compared to the conventional 1.5m span.

To obtain this result, the firs span is deliberately limited to 1.5 metres, then the supports are placed every 2 metres. The couplers are therefore always 0.5 m from a support which is close to the optimum performance of 0.4 m.
The configuration, coupled with the quality and penetration of the welding of the wires, guarantees a span of 2 metres for the leading range of CABLOFIL (CF54 of 50mm to 500mm wide).

POSITIONNING OF THE COUPLERS (general scenario applicable to all spans)

To get the best performance from tray, choosing the right couplers is just as important as their positioning. CABLOFIL couplers have been designed and tested to provide high levels of mechanical and electrical performance. To maximise performance, follow the recommendations below:


Changes of level and direction:
Put supports in place before there is any deflection of the cable tray route.
It is recommended to place supports at the start and end of 90° bends. A support must be positionned in the middle of large-radius bends.